One of the reasons I prefer a whiteboard to a chalkboard.

Chalk dust thigh:


Indeed, this was the state of my pants after I walked partway across campus from my classroom to my office, so the level of chalk dust had decreased from its maximum level when I snapped this picture.

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No, at least that stuff washes out. I was wearing off-white pants last Friday when I backed up and leaned against the edge of the whiteboard, where as it turned out someone had recently scraped the eraser against the edge in an attempt to clean it. All the disgusting black gunk from the eraser ended up temporarily on the edge of the whiteboard, and somewhat more permanently on my butt.

I managed to give myself latex glove powder thigh yesterday. Stupid powdered gloves.

Chalk it up to experience! ("White it up to experience" just doesn't sound right...)

Sadly, there are fewer and fewer blackboards around our place. Chalk marks on (typically) black attire is, for me, a mark of status. Proof positive that you have actually been doing something (even if it is terrorising undergrads with the BET equation.

Whiteboards and markers pens only leave me with mucky paws when I forget to take a proper duster.

@IanW, to be analogous with using chalk to chalk something up to experience, it should be "mark it up..." which sounds much better.
And I didn't like how the whiteboard markers would leave my hands absolutely black- I actually prefer chalk.

I had a professor who would always bring a damp paper towel into class. He used a bunch of different colors of chalk (botany class), and he never got any dust on him. The paper towel worked wonders for wiping off the hands.

As a side note about dry erase boards, one of my teacher friends is actually allergic to expo markers. I never realized that could happen. She did say that marks-a-lot having less toxic stuff in them, so they're better for people with a lot of allergies.

The white board markers REALLY off-gas, they give me a migrain very quickly... chalk does get pretty messy, and I find it really dries out your skin... I kinda like the idea of a tablet pc, and a projector...