Blogiversary addendum.

Earlier today, I had this conversation with my better half.

Dr. Free-Ride's better half: (with a look of deep concern) So, I saw something in your post today.

Dr. Free-Ride: Oh? (Wondering if a heinous typo got through cursory attempts at editing)

Dr. Free-Ride's better half: Yes.

Dr. Free-Ride: What?

Dr. Free-Ride's better half: In the photo.

Dr. Free-Ride: Oh, that blogiversary cake!

Dr. Free-Ride's better half: Yes. Where is it?

Dr. Free-Ride: You may not remember, but that was actually what we used to celebrate the fourth blogiversary last year.

Dr. Free-Ride's better half: There were five candles on it.

Dr. Free-Ride: Yes, four plus one to grow on. We ate that pan of brownies twelve months ago. You were a part of it.

Dr. Free-Ride's better half: So there are no brownies in the house right now?

Dr. Free-Ride: If there were, you would have smelled them.

Dr. Free-Ride's better half: Oh.

Dr. Free-Ride: Besides, did you notice the time the fifth blogiversary post went up? Even I am not lighting candles on a pan of brownies before 6 AM local time.

Dr. Free-Ride's better half: (wistfully) No, I guess you aren't.

* * * * *

Later, I did make a cake to honor the fifth blogiversary. It was pretty much this recipe, using white whole wheat flour and a heavy pinch of cardamom, and baking it in an 8 inch square Pyrex pan (rather than a 10 inch frying pan) in the toaster oven (because our oven-oven flamed out in a fairly spectacular manner a couple weeks ago). It was good, but maybe not entirely interchangeable with a pan of brownies.

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