A List of Doctors to Avoid

The Physicians and Surgeons for Scientific Integrity [sic] (aka, Doctors Doubting Darwin) are planning to Resolve the Conflict between Darwin and Design. Something tells me the conflict will not be resolved using rational discourse, but rather apologetics and obfuscation. I have reproduced a list of physicians and surgeons to avoid below the fold.

(Via Red State Rabble.)

This list is updated at least monthly and was last updated on June 15, 2006. Members are listed

Name Medical Practice City and State

Dr. Katherine A. Anderegg Pathology Sullivan's Island, South Carolina
Dr. Robert W. Arnold Pediatric Ophthalmology Anchorage, Alaska
Dr. James A. Avery Internal Medicine/Pulmonary New York, New York
Dr. E. Harold Bammel Dentistry Kerrville, Texas
Dr. Jon W. Beasley Family Practice Clearwater, Florida
Dr. Michael R. Buglione Dentistry Vestal, New York
Dr. Jon P. Burdzy Family Practice Fort Myers, Florida
Dr. Barry L. Carey Emergency Medicine Lakeland, Florida
Dr. Robert E. Carpenter Dentistry Kerrville, Texas
Dr. L. Nichols Cook Ophthalmology Knoxville, Tennessee
Dr. Peter E. Dawson Dentistry St. Petersburg, Florida
Dr. Robert W. Dettmer Nephrology Fort Wayne, Indiana
Dr. Edmund T. Dombrowski Orthopaedic Surgery Redlands, California
Dr. Michael R. Egnor Pediatric Neurosurgery Stony Brook, New York
Dr. Donald R. Eubanks Cardiology Largo, Florida
Dr. Ivette P. Farmer General Practice Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Dr. Ilona J. Farr Family Practice Anchorage, Alaska
Dr. Mark W. Fitzmaurice General Practice Hornsby, Australia
Dr. Dennis K. Gabos Cardiology Allison Park, Pennsylvania
Dr. Stanley B. Gathinston III Immunology Chicago, Illinois
Dr. James P. Gills Ophthalmology Tarpon Springs, Florida
Dr. John T. Goodgame General Surgery Belleair, Florida
Dr. Terry J. Hamblin Hematology/Oncology Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Dr. Donald E. Hedrick General Dentistry Whittier, California
Dr. Marvin M. Hewlett, Jr. General Dentistry Greenville, Alabama
Dr. Jay L. Hollman Cardiology Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Dr. Liang Hong Dentistry Overland Park, Kansas
Dr. David K. Hopson Pathology Saint Charles, Missouri
Dr. Geoffrey J. Howe Orthopaedic Surgery Marietta, Georgia
Dr. Michael D. Jacobson Addiction Medicine/Family Practice West Chester, Ohio
Dr. Howard M. Johnson Family Physician Ellerbe, North Carolina
Dr. Thomas D. Jones Pediatrics Donalsonville, Georgia
Dr. Matthew P. Kaul Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation Portland, Oregon
Dr. Vernon S. Kent Obstetrics & Gynecology Homer Glan, Illinois
Dr. Rick L. Kimbrel Dentistry Vidalia, Georgia
Dr. Carl J. Kissling Family Practice Lincoln, Nebraska
Dr. Charles H. Lasley Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Belleair, Florida
Dr. Paula F. Leis Dermatology Houston, Texas
Dr. Jean K. Lightner Veterinary Medicine Painesville, Ohio
Dr. Douglas A. Lipperd Family Practice Rainbow City, Alabama
Dr. Gary E. Marais Cardiology Yucaipa, California
Dr. Paul K. Mensah Obstetrics & Gynecology Dumfries, Scotland
Dr. Donald R. Moeller Maxillofacial Surgery Columbus, Georgia
Dr. Frank H. Moore Emergency Medicine Eagle River, Alaska
Dr. Daniel W. Nesselroade Obstetrics & Gynecology Springfield, Ohio
Dr. John K. Olinger Internal Medicine Clearwater, Florida
Dr. Daniel M. Palmquist Family Practice Cloquet, Minnesota
Dr. William J. Parsons Cardiology Raleigh, North Carolina
Dr. Lewis F. Powell Ophthalmology Belleair, Florida
Dr. Richard A. Perallon Dentistry Palatka, Florida
Dr. Robert A. Perallon Clinical Pharmacology Tampa. Florida
Dr. Cesar E. Restrepo Orthopaedic Surgery Miami, Florida
Dr. F. Hall Reynolds II Dermatology Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dr. James A. Rogers Family Practice Cloquet, Minnesota
Dr. Andrew D. Rule Nephrology & Hypertension Rochester, Minnesota
Dr. Matti S. Salo Anesthesiology Raisio, Finland
Dr. Robert M. Scovner Family Practice Frederick, Maryland
Dr. Geoffrey S. Simmons Internal Medicine Eugene, Oregon
Dr. James O. Smith Cardiology Tampa, Florida
Dr. Thomas B. Stogdill Family Practice Bluffton, Indiana
Dr. Gary L. Treece Endocrinology/Metabolism Yakima, Washington
Dr. Brian A. Trimble Neurology Eagle River, Alaska
Dr. Mikko J. Tuuliranta General Surgery Jyvaskyla, Finland
Dr. David J. Turell Internal Medicine Tomball, Texas
Dr. Lasse J. Uotila Clinical Chemistry & Pathology Helsinki, Finland
Dr. John R. Vasko, Jr. Radiology Sammamish, Texas
Dr. Grahame J. Wells Family Practice St. Albans, United Kingdom
Dr. Robert F. White Anesthesiology Knoxville, Tennessee
Dr. Bruce D. Woodall Family Practice St. Maries, Indiana
Dr. Thomas H. Yau Ophthalmology Silver Spring, Maryland


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don't these drs. that the same right to doubt evolution, the same way the writer of this list has to doubt creationism? sounds very biased and closed minded, maybe they should look up the definition of theory sometime