Stuff White ScienceBloggers Like

Apparently, ScienceBlogs is loaded with white people. Hell, the whitest person I know blogs in this very domain. That got me thinking. Sure, we may look white. But are we really white? I mean, really white. So white that we like the stuff white people like.

We do have someone who really likes graduate school:

And we've got a Canadian:

And someone who likes to study abroad:

We look pretty white, huh? Well, it gets whiter. We've got a lawyer:

A dog owner:

Guys who like living by the water:

And marathon runner:

Man, we're the whitest group of whities I've ever been blinded by when the sun reflected off their pasty white skin. White people -- they suck!

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Guilty as charged. I even voted for Obama.

Just to add another level to things, the photo you included above was--coincidently enough--actually taken when I was on a study abroad.

You forgot the rampant Apple love among the ScienceBloggers. =)