Crocodile Fishing

So, I'm just hanging out here by the side of the water waiting for my lunch. Sure, I could go in the water and get my lunch. But that's not how I roll. I wait patiently for my prey to get within striking distance, and then I attack. So, here I am just hanging out by the side of the water.

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There they are. Just a bunch of cichlids waiting to be eaten. By me. Lunch would be good right now. But they won't get close enough. So I'll just hang out here with my jaw agape.

And I can see them. They're not too far away. Maybe one of them will swim close enough to the shore. And then I'll SNAP right down on them. It would beat the hell out of the freeze-dried meat the zoo-keepers serve to me.

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Meanwhile, ten feet away and below the surface:

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Holy shit! There's a giant scaly creature with a huge mouth and sharp teeth right over there! Must swim away fast! Must swim away faster! Faster, I say. FASTER!

I snapped these pics at the Barcelona Zoo some time after I saw the peacock trying to get his groove on. That crocodile just sat there waiting for the cichilds to get close enough to score a free meal. I wonder if the two crocs take turns waiting for a fish to make a wrong turn.

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