Math in England

On Sunday I will be flying across the ocean to participate in the 2007 British Combinatorics Conference, at the University of Reading. If you peruse the book of abstracts, you will see that I will be delievering an edge-of-your-seat barn-burner of a talk entitled, “Decomposition Theorems for Cayley Graphs of the Modular Group Over a Finite Field.” Don't you wish you were going? Though the barn will already have burnt down by the time he speaks, my friend and collaborator Dominic Lanphier will be discussing related work in a rhetorical tour-de-force entitled, “Isoperimetric Sets of Cayley Graphs.”

Sadly, this means it will be bloggus interruptus around here until my reutrn on July 15, and probably for a few days afterwards. Try to soldier on without me.

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From the department of self-promotion, let me call attention to the current volume of The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. If you click on the link and scroll down to P164, you will find a barn-burning, rhetorical masterpiece of a paper entitled, “Isoperimetric Numbers of Regular Graphs of…
Later today I will hop into the Jasonmobile and sally forth to Richmond, VA, where I will be the guest speaker in the Discrete Math Seminar at Virginia Commonwealth University. I will be giving an edge-of-your-seat barn burner of a talk called, “Cheeger Constants of Graphs and Surfaces.” Should…
It's sweet. It's soooo sweet. All the years of hiding, of playing along, of pretending to be one of them, just to get to this point. How many times did I sit there during afternoon tea, throwing darts at the board with Michael Behe's face on it, laughing at their sick little jokes: How many…
It will continue to be bloggus interruptus around here for a while. There are two main reasons for this. One is simply that I have two books under contract, both of which must be at least substantially done by the time school starts up again at the end of August. That means I am already spending…

That sounds like an excellent talk...bon voyage, and have a great time!

By abelian jeff (not verified) on 05 Jul 2007 #permalink

we will have to confer with Gen. JC Christian, patriot, while you are gone.


Actually that should be "Maths in England", since that is the abbreviation we use in this country!


I noticed the Nisbet post and the Wilson article. It was precisely because I saw them that I figured now was a godd time to take a break! Dawkins will just have to take care of himself for a while.

Are you going to squeeze in a visit to Down House in Kent? It's probably a couple of hours on public transport from Reading, but well worth it.

I think you need a 'Creation Museum Antidote' :)

If you pulled the right strings you might also be able to see Dawkins, Wolpert and Steve Jones discuss evolution at the Natural History Museum in Monday night's keynote for the ACM SIGEVO conference. Should be fun; I'm still trying to find a way to sneak in...

I know from a fellow grad student that there is some sort of conference in China as well. (At least, I assume it has to do with combinatorics, since that is his field.)

By Robert O'Brien (not verified) on 07 Jul 2007 #permalink

If you make it out of the hellhole that is Reading, I can show you round a few of London's finest pubs.

By Ginger Yellow (not verified) on 08 Jul 2007 #permalink


we are in a flood of fools of biblical proportions.

we are beseiged by buffoons of infinate pedantry.

we are losing our happiness by arguing with prevaricators.

Let's review the rules when you get back. Is the free market the best solution or do we need some consumer protections?

Blake, thanks I appreciate that but its not just realpc or cotes or other losers, its that the threads start to be the same argument over and over. and the dialog is lost.

we have had some good arguments here, but the ship is sinking.

This is avery cool story.

By Mahmoud El-Bosraty (not verified) on 20 Apr 2009 #permalink