The BMHB Reviewed in Mathematical Reviews

The Big Monty Hall Book has now been reviewed in Mathematical Reviews. The reviewer is Paul Humphreys, a philosophy professor at the University of Virginia. Let's have a look:

Those intrigued by the original Monty Hall problem will find that this book is a superb source of variants of the problem, pays careful attention to the hidden assumptions behind the problems, and is written in a witty accessible style that never lapses into flippancy. The reader will find here discussions of the classical three-door problem and N-door variants, progressive versions, how to select the sample space, Bayesian treatments of the problems, computer simulations, quantum versions, information-theoretic representations, discussions of the interpretation of probabilities, common cognitive fallacies associated with the problem, and much more. This is a model of how to accessibly introduce mathematical material at an elementary level that is not a mere popularization of the material. A virtue of the book is that it goes beyond mere exposition to make some serious contributions to the discussion, including a proof that the strategy of switching at the last minute in the progressive version is uniquely optimal and a discussion of some philosophical treatments on the topic.


And the final verdict:

The book contains a comprehensive bibliography on the subject, and is highly recommended for both mathematicians and students.

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Good to see the continuing positive reviews -- and this from a philosopher no less! And a philosopher who believes having mathematical proofs in there is worthwhile, lovely. A highly recommended is all one can ask from for a book. Now will the Sudoku book also be in a "witty accessible style"?

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LOL.. good for you.. best review ever..

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Ah, but what's behind door number three?

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