Chess in Parsippany!

Well, I'm off to sunny Parsippany, New Jersey to participate in the annual chess extravaganza known as the US Amateur Team East. It's the best tournament of the year, and, frankly, pretty much the only one I still play in. See you when I return!


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I'm happy I wasn't paired again with you Jason. Looking forward to your report of the event.

By Brian Karen (not verified) on 23 Feb 2012 #permalink

Hi Brian. I thought I saw you there but never had a convenient chance to say hi. As I recall, I had to struggle mightily just to draw our game last year, so I guess I'm pretty happy I didn't get paired against you again too! Overall the tournament went very well. I finished with an even score of two wins, two losses and two draws, which I was happy with since I was paired up in every round but one. I'll try to have the full report up this weekend.