To Baltimore!

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for sunny Baltimore, Maryland. Tuesday evening I will be speaking at Johns Hopkins about the mathematics of Sudoku. To judge from the advertisement, it looks like it will be quite the party!

Since its spring break around here, on Wednesday I will leave Baltimore to head over to Washington D.C. for a few days. I'll be seeing the National Symphony Orchestra perform on Thursday night, but that's as far as I've gotten plan-wise. See you when I return!

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You may want to check the weather. And stock up on milk, bread and TP. People are crazy here when it snows.

Hey, I'll try to make it to your talk. I should be done teaching/operating whatever by then, and I'm right by Homewood. I'll buy you a drink.

Off topic --- i.e. evolution.

As always it’s all about perspective. Here we are, collections of atoms (identical to those that first organized themselves into living things lo these many years ago) discussing how the first atoms organized ourselves into living things & continue to reorganize ourselves (evolution). We (groups of atoms identical to those that first organized themselves into living things & continue to reorganize ourselves (evolution) till this day) seem to have a general understanding about how we continue to reorganize ourselves (evolution) but don’t seem to know how we first organized ourselves into living things or why. Very interesting situation.

Hope to see you tonight, if not kept away by the weather.
Just looked you up and found this Blog.

My evolution question de jour is: Yes, it is bad that the creationists are teaching falsehoods but has the adoption of that view otherwise actually hurt someone or the environment? Do you have specific documented instances? If you have dealt with this already please point me in the right direction. Thanks.