From the Department of Self-Promotion

I may not blog as much as I used to, but I do still sometimes put myself out there. I just did a podcast with Jim Stein, posted over at the New Books Network. Jim is professor of mathematics at California State University at Long Beach.

The conversation was about the book I coedited with Jennifer Beineke, The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects. The book is essentially the conference proceedings of the first MOVES conference on recreational math, organized by the Museum of Mathematics.

We chatted for close to an hour about the joys of recreational mathematics, as well as the specific topics in the book. I had a lot of fun, and I though it went well. Jim said I was an easy interview, and that I have a voice that was made for voice-overs. First time I've ever heard that one!

You can have fun picking out all the little things I got wrong. (Konigsburg is in modern Russia, not Austria. Oops.) Let me know what you think!

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