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And while we're on the topic...

I went and watched the sermon in which the famous quotes appeared. And you know what? It surprises me that anyone would think them problematic. America really is engaged in a war of payback, and it is indeed reaping what it sowed (as all empires do when their conquered territories become strong enough to challenge them). And Wright was in fact quoting someone lese, an ambassador, when he said that. Moreover he clearly doesn't think Malcolm X was right about religion, but about his analysis of the role of race in America, and I think that is true.

And while you might quibble that the god of Christians has always been against slavery (the Rev. might like to explain Paul's views on the matter), clearly America should not be blessed by anyone for its treatment of those from "unapproved" ethnic origins. God damn America indeed.

If anything, I'm disappointed that Obama didn't stand up and say those things in his famous speech. But some things are not to be said in America today, which is a real pity.

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The cartoon is similar to one from January (here's a dead link), with the title "If we hired people the same way we elect them". I actually used it on the opening slide of my presentation at a job interview, and then referenced in in the final slide with the text "So remember, hire me, or the terrorists win".

I didn't get the job.

Hear Hear! I didn't think rev. Wright was that far off the beam. Certainly not as far off as Chuck Hagee. But he seems to have hit upon one of the things you can't say. Which in this case seems to be "sometimes we're the bad guy". Can't never say that 'bout 'Merica!

Yeah the things I hear him say... he mixes things that are reasonable critiques, with totally wacky stuff like "The government invented AIDS".

Where'd you find the whole sermon?

Even the AIDS thing is not as whacked out as it seems: Google "tuskegee syphilis" to see what I mean. Yes, it's paranoid, but damn it's understandable paranoia.