So I says..

I told 'em! I told 'em! So I did. Millennium hand and shrimp!i-20d474794cb3d71db307666c4e638324-foulrron.jpg

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Shrimp is my favorite food; I really like shrimp. When I was an undergrad I used to stuff myself during "shrimp night" at the cafeteria. Basically I would show up at 4:30 and hang out eating until 7:00, then I would recline for an hour because moving was going to be really, really, painfull.…
tags: Muppets' Swedish Chef makes Pöpcørn Shrimp!, humor, funny, silly, weird, Swedish Chef, cooking, food, The Muppets, streaming video Do you like pöpcørn shrimp? Watch the Swedish Chef as he prepares this explosively good meal! The Muppets have their own official website.
Early Cambrian shrimp! I just had to share this pretty little fellow, a newly described eucrustacean from the lower Cambrian, about 525 million years ago. It's small — the larva here is about 1.8mm long, and the adults are thought to have been 3mm long — but it was probably numerous, and I like to…
Eagles may be famous for their vision, but the most incredible eyes of any animal belong to the mantis shrimp. Neither mantises nor shrimps, these small, pugilistic invertebrates are already renowned for their amazingly complex vision. Now, a group of scientists have found that they use a visual…

Consider yourself lucky that I refrained from bringing up say troll during your stay in Lisbon, considering that he spilled over into humble Archetype from here.

Of course you told them. Of course they did not listen to you; they never do and they never will.

By Susan Silberstein (not verified) on 06 May 2009 #permalink

So that's where he went when he got tired of having his sock puppets blocked at Wikipedia. I followed his antics there with a mixture of amusement and annoyance. At least, he has a very "creative" attitude to language, both in Swedish and in English.