DEMS' COMMON GOOD VS. THE REPUBLICANS' RADICAL INDIVIDUALISM: Democratic Strategists Converge on Frame Device that Immediately Communicates Party Ideals

How do you communicate the underlying meaning and values of a political party with a single word or phrase? Republicans have boiled it down to "national security, tax relief, and family values." And now Democratic strategists think they have figured out the catchphrase that strategically conveys the complexity of what they believe.

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I've been calling the GOP "the party of torture, treason and pseudoscience."

BTW, how does this "Republicans' radical individualism" square with their approval of widespread spying on US citizens and their opposition to gay marriage?

Here's a catchy phrase for the Dems: "We're not the GOP."

By Mustafa Mond, FCD (not verified) on 03 Nov 2006 #permalink