Links Round-Up: The Tea Party & the Media; Twitter's Performance Culture

A few stories from over the weekend that raise decades-old questions about the connection between media and violence as well as the role that media play in the construction of social identity.

--WPost leads its Sunday edition with a feature alleging a spike in visits to Colonial Williamsburg from Tea Party sympathizers. One enthusiast asks the role-playing George Washington: "General, when is it appropriate to resort to arms to fight for our liberty?"

--The Post's Dan Milbank, relying heavily on releases from Media Matters for America, draws a correlation between several recent arrests for violence and the rhetoric of Glenn Beck.

--At the NY Times Sunday magazine, Peggy Orenstein offers a revealing essay on how Twitter is shaping in the words of Erving Goffmann the presentation of ourselves. Orenstein turns to MIT's Sherry Turkle for insight.

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