Gore Concert Generates Talk Media Attacks But Not News

Gore's Live Earth concert series was supposed to catalyze American public attention around the problem of global warming, but did it? Polling data is not yet available regarding the concert's impact on American audiences, but we do have data relative to the concert's influence on the U.S. news agenda.

According to Pew's Media Index, during the week of the event, the Live Earth concert failed to generate much actual mainstream news attention, but it did make the agenda at the "talk media," which Pew defines as including seven prime time cable shows and five radio talk hosts. As Pew reports, the attention at the Talk Media was almost completely one sided negative. Fox News led the way, with Hannity fronting his show with Gore and RFK Jr. (clip above) and guest host Rich Lowry focusing on the participation of "alleged terrorist sympathizer" Cat Stevens (clip below).

Top Ten Stories in the Talk Show Index

1. Iraq Policy Debate - 22%
2. US Domestic Terror Threat - 9%
3. Campaign 2008 - 8%
4. International War on Terror - 7%
5. Global Warming - 6%
6. DC Escort Scandal - 5%
7. Congress - 3%
8. Fired Attorneys Scandal - 3%
9. Wrestler Crime - 2%
10. Health Care Debate - 1%

Top Ten Stories in the broader News Coverage Index
1. Iraq Policy Debate - 20%
2. Campaign 2008 - 7%
3. International War on Terror - 4%
4. US Domestic Terror Threat - 4%
5. Events in Iraq - 4%
6. Lady Bird Johnson Dies - 4%
7. Pakistan Mosque Siege - 2%
8. 2003 Pizza Bomber Case - 2%
9. Fired Attorneys Scandal - 2%
10. DC Escort Scandal - 2%

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