NIH Sponsored Discussion of Inherit the Wind at AFI Theater

At the AFI Silver Theater on July 29 watch Spencer Tracy argue in defense of evolution.

For readers in the DC area, on July 29 at 7pm, the NIH Office of Science Education and the American Film Institute are teaming up to sponsor a screening of Inherit the Wind as part of their summer film series "Science in the Cinema."

Following the film, I have been invited to make a few remarks on the evolution debate as it plays out in contemporary culture and the enduring themes from the classic movie. The event and film series is designed to facilitate active audience participation and debate, so I expect there will be some very interesting discussion.

For more, see the video of this lecture I gave at the National Academies earlier this spring.

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Growing up I loved this movie.
Now, I look at this same scene and I think "wait... he's using the same damn slippery slope argument I deride as ridiculous on my blog on a regular basis"

Don't get me wrong, evolution is beautiful science, but that particular speech is an abyssmal argument... even if it is classic movie magic.