Traveling to Copenhagen and Big News Next Week


I head to Stockholm and Copenhagen today where on Wednesday I will be participating in a unique conference organized by the Danish Science Journalists Association. The focus is on many of the central themes discussed at this blog including framing, public engagement, the future of science journalism, and the promise and challenges of new media technologies. For more, check out below one of the "Dane in the Street" interviews that organizers have run in advance of the conference.

I won't have much time to blog but I do hope to be able to post my own pictures of these wonderful cities and to provide a re-cap on the conference. While I am away, Katie Broendel will be guest blogging as part of the "Silence is the Enemy" campaign on sexual violence.

Katie worked with me this past year as a graduate assistant. She wrote her thesis on the framing of sexual violence in the media additionally analyzing the communication strategies of various advocacy groups on the topic.

Finally, next week there will be big news announced, news that is likely to stir what I am hoping to be healthy discussion and debate. So check back here early next week.

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How is the family of humanity to sensibly organize to respond ably to the human folly, avarice and stupidity that is now being consciously perpetrated by those few million greedy people who possess a lionâs share of the worldâs wealth and the power it purchases? After all, a tiny minority is primarily responsible for the Earth being ravaged and threatened as a fit place for habitation by our children.

When are the morally bankrupt, super-rich Masters of the Universe among us to be held to account for having disgracefully institutionalized the âgoodnessâ of their pathological arrogance, conspicuous consumption and excessive hoarding for the benefit of none others than themselves and minions? For many too many economic powerbrokers and their bought-and-paid-for politicians
short-term financial gains, power accrual, economic expediency and political convenience have directed their thought and behavior.

Perhaps it is time for many ordinary people not only to deploy these words from Mohandas Gandhi, âBe the change you wish to see in the worldâ, but also to live out this great manâs example of principled, peaceful, refusal to submit to arrogant, dishonest, avaricious and dishonorable authority that is relentlessly degrading Earthâs frangible environment and recklessly dissipating Earthâs limited resources in our time.

Perhaps honesty, more transparency, constructive personal action, accountability and necessary social change are in the offing.

Scientists have a duty to warn and to inform; leaders of the family of humanity have a responsibility to act with moral courage and a willingness to do the right thing. At least some scientists appear to be doing their duty. Except for a precious few, great human beings like President Barack Obama, the human community appears to be virtually bereft of adequate leaders.

I am a volunteer with No Games Chicago and we are social justice activists working to stop the 2016 Olympics from coming to Chicago. We will be in Copenhagen this week (Sept 29) to influence the IOC which is gathering to vote on Oct 2 as to which city gets the games.

Can you connect us with local activists or academics who might help us or host us?

Tom Tresser