CJR Focuses on Futurity and Why Science Needs a Storyline


I am in Banff this week participating in a fascinating workshop on the scientific, clinical, ethical, and communication issues related to personalized medicine and genomics. A special issue of the journal Public Health Genomics (formerly Community Genetics) will focus on the themes covered at the workshop. I will be contributing a review article on research and issues related to the media and public engagement. Early access publication of the articles should occur in the spring.

On a related topic, earlier this week, the Columbia Journalism Review posted a commentary that I co-authored with colleagues Dominique Brossard and Dietram Scheufele. The article is in fact a reply to a recent CJR post by Earle Holland. Readers will find the exchange with Holland interesting if not provocative.

Also today, CJR's Curtis Brainard reports on the new initiative by research university PIOs to create a clearinghouse for their news releases. Though we don't address the project directly, our CJR commentary provides context relative to likely audience reach and impact.

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