AU Forum Focuses on Young Voters & Obama: A Year Later


Tonight, the AU School of Communication's American Forum series focuses on "Change + 1: Are young voters talking back to Obama?" A diverse panel of experts will look not only at how the Millennial generation views Obama personally but also how this age-group views the important issues facing the country today, including the economy and health-care as these issues affect them, transparency in government and the effectiveness of social-networking to govern versus social-networking to get elected.

Panelists include David Gregory, moderator, NBC's Meet the Press and AU alum; Jose Antonio Vargas, technology and innovations editor, the Huffington Post; David Corn, Washington bureau chief, Mother Jones magazine; Erin McPike, reporter, Congress Daily; and David Winston, Republican strategist; president, The Winston Group. The panel is organized and moderated by AU professor Jane Hall.

The Forum is held here on campus at the beautiful Katzen Arts Center and will be re-broadcast on the NPR flagship affiliate WAMU, Wednesday night, Oct. 14th at 9 p.m. - on air at 88.5 FM for those in the DC metro area, or online at or you can listen on your mobile phone at 202-885-7878.

You can also follow the Forum on Twitter, submit questions in advance via Facebook, and watch the Forum live via online video broadcast.


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I saw a post from a man on a show I use to watch in primary School on my Facebook and thought I would add a comment to the discussion as to my recent queries to the topic generated by Business topics on a local television show in Australia at the moment. It brought to my attention a range of issues regarding the direction needed with the future and the wants of the up and coming generations, Being a father I was first sceptical as to asking children what they prefer in what seemed to me like a medieoka topic being a breakfast cereal, being a father I tend to believe I know what is best for my son and put myself in the best position to try and make the best judgements for his needs for him and on a grander scale this only leads to greater importance, Although after second thought and watching further into the actions taken on the show It struck to me once again the importance of taking some (a little) guidance from the innocence and lack of knowledge towards the systems we use as life supports today to grasp an understanding portraying the pure profile of todayâs generation now and leading into the future. I have come to this regard before and although have witnessed some misunderstanding in the influence regarded in more heated situations I do believe there is a lot of validity to addressing the situation and take my hat off to President Obama for taking action and highlighting this.

Scott Frizzell