CalTech Scientists Test World Cup Ball and a U.S. Prediction

You have to like the U.S. chances in advancing to the semi-finals of the World Cup. That's right, the semi-finals. If the U.S. beats Ghana on Saturday--and they should be a favorite--they play the winner of Uruguay and S. Korea in the quarterfinals.

Meanwhile, readers will find interesting this video from Reuters featuring CalTech scientists testing the controversial "Jabuluani" ball used at the World Cup.

What do you think? Like the U.S. chances to make the semis? Has the ball had an impact on the games?

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I'll put it this way: the US team should be disappointed if they don't make the semifinals.

The one thing I've noticed in matches is that long crosses and long passes in general tend to go high and long. Commentators have blamed that on the ball.