10,000 years of natural selection

Below the fold is an image of a fine specimen of fitness being signalled by aesthetic characters....


Update: Behold, the oogly-cat:


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Western gorillas (Gorilla gorilla, a silverback male [top] and females [middle and bottom]), photographed July 23th, 2008 at the Bronx zoo.
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Behold, in Seattle, we have geese that can walk on water:

Arf, Arf! Woof, Woof!

you hardly ever see an ugly feline.

That's a good question: why do humans feel felines are so good looking. Especially given that ancestral hominids had some kitty problems with megafauna like the saber-toothed cat. Maybe because felines resemble Erectus somewhat?

Razib, Agnostic,

Aren't you cat lovers worried at all about, Toxoplasmosis Gondii??

Or do you reckon it's too late already... you've already been infected, and don't look back...

I've been around cats since infancy, so whatever I've got, I've got. Non cat-lovers don't understand, but you're asking something like: Hey parent, don't you wonder about what gross germs your children are giving you, what w/ not washing their hands and playing in garbage, etc.?

Of course, I make sure to wash my hands if my cat has rested his paws on them, licked them, etc.


I hope you don't mean that you are a parent and you have cat children??

In either case, I do have a 2.5 yo daughter (human), and do wonder about these things, and train her to wash her hands after doing anything unsavory...