My personal DNA

Via grrlscientist I found the Personal DNA test. I was attracted to the title before I realized it was a personality test, but it seems a rather good one. I am a:

More details here.

Seems about right, though personality tests tend to skew toward positive labels to make you accept their evaluations. So I'll point to two generally negative things about me which this test seemed to gauge accurately (though via transparent questions), I lack empathy and style. Anyway, like IQ tests, US News & World Report college rankings or "DNA ancestry tests," this test told me what I generally knew, though it added an extra degree of faux-quantitative precision with its percentages.


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Ha ha, you scored only 98 % on masculinity. Step aside, beta!

100% masculinity means autism. ;-)

Generous Artist? 3 highest scores: attention to style, imaginative, aesthetic. 2 lowest: confidence, agency.

Why didn't they just emblazon across the top: "You will never, ever, ever get laid!"

Cautious Idealist.