Note on Just Science

I hope you've been checking out the Just Science site this week. If you haven't, I recommend the RSS feed, for ease of browsing. In any case, I just want to announce that I'm shutting down the feeds Sunday night at 9 PM PDT. The site will then be frozen in that form until next year, when we'll do this again. Thanks to everyone who participated, and I hope you've been enjoying the posts. If you haven't had time to check everything out, you know where to go for the next year to browse them. Below the fold I've placed the URLs for all the participating blogs if you are in the skimming mood.


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Keith Robison from Omics! Omics! has a fun nostalgia piece looking back on his days in the midst of the genomics bubble of the late 90s. Subscribe to Genetic Future.
I was thinking of doing something with this paper, but dang it, Omics! Omics! beat me to it. Read it anyway…I suppose there might be some other science in the universe left for me.
   Bonobos retain juvenile traits related   to tolerance and cooperation.            Image: Vanessa WoodsHow many times as a kid would your parents tell you to grow up and act your age? It turns out that not acting our age may be the very reason why we're so successful as a species. Brian Hare and…