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Call me an old-fashioned granny, but I do love knitting. I'm not very good (getting better), and what I can knit is limited to hats, mittens, scarves, and the obligatory pot holder. So I think that knitting this complicated and grotesque teratoma is still a bit beyond my skill level......wait!?! A…
Panos Karnezis's new novel The Birthday Party is a re-imagination of the life of Aristotle Onassis, the shipping magnate. The book is structured around the events of a single day and night towards the end of the tycoon's life, though the bulk of the text is made up of deftly interleaved backstory.…
The last time I hosted the Circus of the Spineless, I just did a series of photos—invertebrates are wonderfully photogenic. Here we go again, with another collection of gorgeous images of crunchy, squishy, slimy, tentacled, multi-legged, no-legged creatures. Arthropods SEF sent me this nice image…

Frightening. It's rare to see a cat that large move that fast, and even more so to live after seeing such a malevolent mien up close.

(Seriously, either your cat has a tiny head, or it's a furry land-whale.)

Sean, It's the fur. Even shorthaired cats are substantially smaller bald. Small cats have a lot of hair, which poofs out when dry. Wet they look like drowned rats.

Whereto the cat's intentions re Razid. The thought going through the beast's mind can be summed up as, "Daddy! Fuss over me!"