"What Darwin Said"

My co-blogger at Gene Expression Classic, David, has completed a very interesting series today.

1: The Pattern of Evolution

2: Mechanisms of Evolution

3: Heredity

4: Speciation

5: Gradualism (A)

6: Gradualism (B)

7: Levels of Selection

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What Darwin said - and was he right?: In this Darwin year many popular accounts of 'Darwinism' have appeared, but these seldom make a clear distinction among the different components of Darwin's theory of evolution. Many popularisations are simplified to the point of caricature, and presented in an…
Just lately there's been a flurry of papers on speciation that I haven't had time to digest properly. Several of them seem to support "sympatric" or localised speciation based on selection for local resources with reproductive isolation a side effect of divergent selection. So here they are below…
There's been a slew of "Darwin was wrong" and "Evolution is more complicated" stories in the media lately. It's nearing Darwin day so simple minded media hacks can be explained as needing to find the requisite "drama" in their "stories". But the real picture is a lot more nuanced, and ultimately a…
Variation is common, and often lingers in places where it is unexpected. The drawing to the left is from West-Eberhard's Developmental Plasticity and Evolution(amzn/b&n/abe/pwll), and illustrates six common variations in the branching pattern of the aortic arch in humans. These are…

Nice series of posts. Sort of an "evolution in a nutshell."