The frozen people rejoice!

Canada wins! Awesome. Now we can forget about Canada.

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Wait Ends as Canada Wins Gold at Home: Three men stood in the sea of red at Cypress Mountain on Sunday, their chests bare except for paint. Euphoria surrounded them, men and women, young and old, who waved Canadian flags and clanged cowbells and danced to the Black Eyed Peas. Minutes earlier,…
I know elections are stressful and even annoying, and this year it is worse than ever because there is so much at stake, especially here in Minnesota where we have two boneheaded ballot amendments to deal with. Sometimes it just feels like this: I'm hoping Bronco Bamma wins!
This is weirdly awesome. It's the Google Translation of a short web essay by Franco Bolelli. Entitled "Farewell to the scientist with his head in the clouds, now prefer to surf: the science has become pop," the article is pretty awesome, but that's probably in part because it was translated by a…
There's apparently a game in this sport at the Olympics tonight. Canada is the favorite. Which is awesome, because if the USA loses, no one in the USA will care. But if the USA wins, we'll get to laugh at the Canadians. Don't lie, you know Canada is the country that keeps on giving in terms of…

Yeah, right. Like there is nothing between Seattle and Anchorage.

By Bob Carlson (not verified) on 28 Feb 2010 #permalink

At your peril...

As our largest trading partner (bigger than China), provider of almost everyone who is funny in this country, future location of the North American wheat belt, and a culturally similar country that is better to live in by (almost) every measure of human happiness and well being, I think we should probably not ignore Canada.

We just won more gold medals than anyone, ever.
You probably shouldn't turn your back on us.
Besides, we're on top. Go look at your map.

By Janice in Toronto (not verified) on 01 Mar 2010 #permalink

Do you live South of the Manson-Nixon line? Why this nastiness my friend? Canadians will be happy to hold your hand while you work through your pain....

First there was Finn baiting, now this. Where does it end?

It works out best for everyone if the US forgets about Canada.

Your readers are taking this way too seriously.

Canada is an imperialist state whose sole raison d'etre is to spread Anglo-American culture throughout what was once French North America. Vive le Quebec! Set Quebec free, and let the other provinces join the United States. Canada as a country is a joke.