Friday Rock Blogging: Halite

I was going to write up a proper post on marine evaporite sequences, and how they relate to the deliciousness of expensive salt vs. cheap salt, but, um, I didn't. Hey! Look! Pretty picture!

Enough salt for nine lives... Originally uploaded by aleske

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I have a sea monkey tank in my office that I have let evaporate and the salt in it has formed into several pretty perfect looking cubes. They're cool.

Oh, man, I am such a sucker for the "History and Significance of Humble Item X" genre! Salt has been on my to-read list for a long time, glad to hear you enjoyed it.

First off, very cool picture.

Living part of my life in Houston I've always been fascinated by the evaporation of the ancient Gulf of Mexico that created the Luann Salt and the subsequent development of salt domes and diapirs that underlie much of the gulf coast of Texas. If anyone has some free time and they find this salt stuff interesting, it's worth checking out.