But I'm Not Dead Yet!

lolcat: can't u sees i'z bizy?

Huh, I suppose it's been a while, hasn't it?

1: I was really surprised by how many of you fell for my April Fools joke.

2: I do have a real job now. I'm an environmental consultant, and I can't be much more specific than that - not because I am trying to keep the details a secret, but because I work for a tiny, multidisciplinary company, which is rapidly expanding my collection of professional hats. Last week I was primarily a technical writer, this week I'll be out in the field doing preliminary ground work for a survey of natural resource use, and in the near future they've promised me hydrodynamic modeling, ecological risk assessments, GIS work, and some other stuff that depends on the outcome of the several proposals we've all been working on. I've been enjoying it so far.

This is not a promise to get back to a regular blogging schedule. It's not the job that's the problem, though - it's the cat I finally felt responsible enough to adopt. Apparently the time and brainspace I had previously devoted to blogging is the exact same time and brainspace required to dangle a string from the end of a stick. Who knew?

This is also not a shut-down notice. Blogging has been a rewarding hobby for the past 8 years and I am not going to quit entirely, though I'm thinking about if/how I want to scale back and/or change venues.

What this is, is a reminder that if you are interested in following my sporadic updates - including any announcements about a new URL - you can set up an email subscription to alert you of new entries. The sign-up is at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.


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I'd sign up for email alerts if I wasn't already subscribed to your feed. :)

And yay for the kitteh!

Congrats on the new Real Job, and the new kitty! I love your blog, and I'm glad you're going to keep scribbling on it occasionally! ^_^