Off to the Great White North

I'm off for two days to the Great White North, Grand Rapids, where I'll give a talk tomorrow night for the area Library Association on the topic of Race and Racism. If you are in the vicinity, please stop by and visit!

I'll be "at the lake" for the day prior, taking a few more winterizing steps for the cabin (mainly rescuing the latex from the oncoming winter) and writing highly controversial yet amusing and informative blog stuff.

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I love Grand Rapids, but there truly are no priveledged frames of reference. For me, GR is the balmy south.

Eh, you're a hoser, man.

Quit while you're behind.

Your expression should be, "Man, you're a hoser, eh?" The "eh" is always at the end.

(I'm not too far north of Toronto, and I'm relieved to note that a check with Google Maps shows that I am just a touch north of Grand Rapids.)

By Scott Belyea (not verified) on 06 Nov 2007 #permalink