Don't be fooled ... this is just more robots, and other matters

Before I sign on to this, I want to know what happens when the vehicles become self aware and take over the planet:

Vehicles That Talk to Each Other Know What Lanes They're In from

A standard GPS receiver has an average 2D-positioning accuracy of about 13 meters. While this precision is high enough to direct you to your hotel, it's quite a bit lower than the accuracy required to determine which lane your car is in while driving down the highway.


But wait, this could also be robots. Robots fighting in outer space:

Intergalactic 'shot in the dark' shocks astronomers from

A team of astronomers has discovered a cosmic explosion that seems to have come from the middle of nowhere -- thousands of light-years from the nearest galaxy-sized collection of stars, gas, and dust. This "shot in the dark" is surprising because the type of explosion, a long-duration gamma-ray burst (GRB), is thought to be powered by the death of a massive star.


And are we sure this is not just robots building their own immune system?

Biochip mimics the body to reveal toxicity of industrial compounds from

A new biochip technology could eliminate animal testing in the chemicals and cosmetics industries, and drastically curtail its use in the development of new pharmaceuticals, according to new findings from a team of researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the University of California at Berkeley, and Solidus Biosciences Inc.


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"Before I sign on to this, I want to know what happens when the vehicles become self aware and take over the planet"

They'll be TERMINATED.