Crazy Floridians

For your amusement, a selection from the public comments on the fight over science standards in Florida.

  • "How is anyone's life improved by believing in evolution?"
  • "I will not allow you to teach my child this no matter what you put in your curriculum. I stand for Christ and his creation."
  • "To teach only one theory is communistic."
  • "This is unacceptable, unless Biblical Creationism is taught alongside evolution."
  • "I strongly disagree with the term 'evolution' being used in kindergarten or any grade level. I would change the term 'evolution' to a more user friendly term such as 'adaptations.'"
  • "Are we begging for trouble or what? For goodness sakes remember your audience. We are a part of the Bible Belt. Why open old wounds. This could be titled something different. Why not just diversity?"
  • "Evolution is a big area of controversy with many Christians. I have a problem with presenting this as a benchmark to parents that may object to their children being taught about evolution or even bringing it up at the kindergarten level."
  • "Please do not let these liberal wackos in the Washington foundations warp our young minds into thinking that their existence is an accident."
  • "How can anyone accept the theory of evolution? The last time I went to the zoo the monkeys weren't evolving into a man."


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That was painful. Im not sure if its any better here in Orlando then it is in St. Augustine. I've not read anything like that from the Orlando area but I'm sure in time I will.

I was glad to read at Panda's Thumb that Brevard County is not part of this nonsense. My dad lived there and I know 14-year-old who goes to school there.

I'm absolutely appalled at some of these quotes. Jesus wasn't the creator, God was. You'd think they'd know that.

Jesus wasn't the creator, God was. You'd think they'd know that.

As if. Next you'll be telling me Jesus was a Jew.


I say again...ouch.

The stupid, it burns....

By Luna_the_cat (not verified) on 22 Jan 2008 #permalink

"To teach only one theory is communistic."

And I thought it was called religion...

By Lassi Hippeläinen (not verified) on 22 Jan 2008 #permalink

"How can anyone accept the theory of evolution? The last time I went to the zoo the monkeys weren't evolving into a man."

Yeah, those lazy, spiteful monkeys. Refusing to evolve, just to spite good church-going Christians. So smug.

All the nuts roll down to Florida.

"Why open old wounds?", the Civil War? Haven't we evolved/adapted beyon/to that by now?

By the real cmf (not verified) on 22 Jan 2008 #permalink

Welcome these public comments! Embrace them! Maybe if the creationists show just how ignorant and ill-educated they are in this manner, it will provde the requisite boost to strengthen education standards instead of weakening them!