Super Cool Moon Rock Found

i-a17a70a09efca19de2a7c4abaf16e0d1-08-01_Apollo_15-insignia.jpgOn this day in 1971, on the second day of the Apollo 15 lunar mission, astronauts dug up a really old rock which, of course, they named "The Genesis Rock"

The so-called Genesis rock was found by lunar module pilots David Scott and James Irwin when they dug into the slope of Spur crater, on the flank of the Apennine Mountains.

They were there on the second "moon safari", traveling for the first time in a custom-built lunar rover vehicle.

The rover, which looks like a four-wheeled Jeep, has enabled the astronauts to spend more time away from the lunar module than ever before, and to go several miles away from the lunar lander, Falcon.



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