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This is Michael Shermer

Wow, that was cool. Now since you are in the mood, check this out if you have not already seen it:


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Oh, great, Laden. It's the wee hours, I desperately need to call it a night, but I stop in here for a wee science nightcap. Instead I end up laughing myself sick over Joe Cocker, and now I don't dare sneak into bed because visions of Joe will dance in my head, eliciting stifled snickers and muffled cackles that will surely disturb my dear hubby. (He'll probably forgive me after seeing the video, though.)

You might like to check out my post here - where I have summarised some of the issues I have had with Shermer's presentation (very much akin to the one that Dr Richard Wiseman presented at TAM3): - 'Going Backwards'

When teaching students, they sometimes missed the point that was being made. I find my collection gets it across a little better... ;)

That clears up a lot.
"A Spring clean for the May Queen" - all these years I thought it was "A sprinkling for the May Queen."

Wrapped up like a douche

By Virgil Samms (not verified) on 06 Aug 2008 #permalink

I always thought it was "A sprinkling" too and I've been listening to Led for over 40 years...

I'll never believe my lying ears again.