Most US Women to Burn in Hell this November

I want to thank Brian at Laelaps for digging this up. Normally, I would just link to him and send you to his excellent site, but this is so freakin' good that I cannot pass this up. But go read Brian's comments on this anyway, please.

As Brian points out, Palin explicitly says that she believes that god put this cup in her hand.

At least she is getting the point: Yes, Sarah Palin, you ignorant slut, what you say will be used against you. So, you could just: Shut. Up.

But please don't. Frankly, I prefer you keep going. I'm rather enjoying this fiasco you call a candidacy.

What does Madeline Albright say about this travesty? This.

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Well, good thing there's no hell then. Maybe we could start ad campaign - 'Women Against Palin'. WAP! I don't know a single woman who doesn't think she's a complete and utter disgrace to our sex.

Mocha at Starbucks? Elitist!

Thanks for the link, Greg! I appreciate you sending your readers over (and I don't blame you for posting the video here). I'll be curious to see what happens with this story tomorrow.

What a bizarre speech.

It is sooo refrshing to see the face of the white woman representing diversity finally isn't it? I mean, who has struggled longer, or harder; been more of a minority than the whitewoman , and taken more flak for equal rights than the whitewoman?
After all, whitewomen have struggled sooo long and hard for what they got..a big diversity Yaaay shout out for Sarah!

By the real railer (not verified) on 08 Oct 2008 #permalink