The Obamamercial Live

Live blogging the Obama Infomercial .... so you don't have to.

(see this, this, this)

Wheat .... Flags .... Fans in slow motion. Children and uncertainty.

Ooops. He's standing in a room thta looks a little too presidential, Kennedy eskqe. Looks good but a little OTT.

Please, Barach, don't be OTT. Not now.

Rebecca. Rebecca looks like she could take Sarah Palin easy.

Rebecca is a White Flightist. That's funny.

Husband with surgery. Only seen in a photo. That's not looking too good for the husband. this is like the intro to Whole House make over.

She's a football mom who can do math.

Barack in front of the crowds, and now back in the ovalesque office.

Good. Explaining the economic crisis and what is happening.

I like Obama well enough, but I never liked this focus all politicians have on the 'middle class."

OK, so he's explaining the details of the plan. Using the "grow the economy" trope. Worked for Bubba, should work for Barack as well.

Barack in a room with old people who got screwed. Obama strolling around in the factories.

Ted Strickland talking straight about how great Barack will be, as Barack strolls around in more factories.

Kathleen Sebelius. talking about Obama's Kansas roots.

Roots are important. Had a lot to do with human evolution.

Governer somebody from out east saying the same stuff.

Larry and Juanita.

They were doing everything right. And then she got sick. They lost their coverage. And so on.

Took a loan on the house but the house is losing equity. Larry is forced to go back to work.

American dream: RUINED BY GEORGE BUSH.

Now on to the topic of energy independence. The Green Economy.

American built hybrids and a tax credit to buy them.

Drill baby drill a little.

Conserve, usher in a new area of responsibility.

We'll pay for it all without raising taxex, line by line fixing of the budget.


OH, nice job. Segue from everything sucks to we have a plan to we could implement this plan if we could only fix the iraq problem.

Nicely done.

Even google likes Obama. Googlebama.

Juliana Sanchez. Geoge bush is bad for Juliana and her daughter and son. We know this already.

She helps at risk kid. She can beat up Sarah Palin too.

AHA yes, she has a special needs kid and she has to have two jobs to afford this.

Clipping coupons. I can only afford a half gallon of mild this week. Can't. Breath... Must educate children.....

Education policy. Parents are doing all the right things, or at least know what to do.

Obama and his dad. Or lack thereof.

Obama and his mom. "My son, he's an American and he needs to understand what that means..." Nice one.

He really is doing quite a bit on education. Good. but he should get back to the economy soon. The pro ed people are already voting for him.

OK, now he's summarizing backwards though education, then health care. Economy will be next.

Mom died of cancer, then Obama announces candidacy to fix health care. Pre existing condition problem that his mother had ... the broken health care.

Ah, finally, the big guns .. Michelle and the girls...

They read all the harry potter books together! What a guy!

Winding up to the big speeches, the money shot lines from the campaign, etc.

Now Biden. It turns out that Obama is a Maverick!!!!!! Reaching across the aisle and stuff.

A bit about Biden now.

Dad praying to daughter makes cars. This guy can take Joe the Plumber with his pinkey.

Mel? No, Mark. Mark the factory worker guy. No, HER name is Mel. His name is mark. Mark and Mel the ... Middle classers. Mel and Mark the 'Mericans. That's it.

Obama's family dragged themselves out of the depression and won the world war, etc.

Now talking about commander in chief. Renew tough direct diplomacy. Wipe out al quaida, taliban.

Military endorsements. John Adams, Brig. Gen. Ret.

Kennedy shot. (as in photo)

A great diversity of people liking Obama even the shriners in the funny little cars and the kitchen ladies.

Bill Richardson endorsement.

Music coming up in the background.

Big ending speech. Nicely done. Another Kennedy shot.

Conclusion: This is going to really annoy the right wing, will help with some of the indies.

Segue into the live bit at the end:

I think we are seeing now what one of his typical speeches looks like.

He's i Florida and is asking for help with the election thee. The crowd goes wild!!!

The End.

You know, he could take Florida.

He did not blow it. The wheels did not come off. I think.

Post game. Chris Matthews: Nicely done, Hollywood, most important: connection with average person was perfect. Oval office setting was a comfort-enhancing bit. Other most important part was the biographical bit.

Olberman also struck by image of woman scraping out her arthritic fingers, and the reading to daughter bit .inking Obama and Mel and Mike the 'Mericans.

Matthews points out: "What more do you want...." this black family conformed to all of the white values.....

(I wonder what the viewership on this was? How many people were watching?)

Richard Wolffe: Noting with K.O. the speakers supporting Obama, as well as the geography of the regular people who were profiled, were in all the right places as to the states they were in.

The most negative anti-obama ad EVER has just been shown on MSNBC ... a McCain ad. Wel, McCain got his 15 seconds in.

That is all. Anybody else see this?

NO THAT IS NOT ALL because Rachel Maddow has not had her say . So what does she say.

She talks about Obama's multipoint strategy

Audacity ... Even More Bold than Ross Perot! Noting that McCain accused Obama of delaying the world series. However, of course, this was a lie. However, the first game of the NFL season was moved to accomodate Mcain. Man, that ugly little man is so ... ugly. And little. (That's me, not Rachel)

Humor ..... making fun of socialist accusation in earlier speeches today. (the toy sharing bit)

Offense ... New ad going after McCain for choosing Palin.

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Thanks for the live blogging. I haven't turned on a TV set since the election returns of 2004 and have no plans to resume, even if Obama wins. It's amazing how much you can do and learn without a TV in your life.

Chez: Yea, but ... but ... how do you know this even happened????? Maybe he was making it all up!

I like Maddow's opening comment ... same as yours, referring to the wheat.

By Elizabeth (not verified) on 29 Oct 2008 #permalink

Mel and Mike the 'Mericans. Classic.

It was good. Kinda emotional. Didn't stray off message. Maybe the family thing will help dispel all the Muslim/terrorist/Arab misinformation.

I would have liked him to talk about rebuilding infrastructure and basic science and how that would create jobs.

Thanks for the summary. I didn't watch it because:
1) I don't watch infomercials
2) I voted for Obama about 30 minutes before the infomercial was on
3) the kids wanted to watch Backyardigans