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Welcome to the War on Christmas.

As I think it was Mike who pointed out for himself, "Happy Holidays" is what I learned to say when I was a kid because it was inclusive of New Years. Later, it continued to make sense because I discovered Jewish People. Eventually, by the time I was ten or so, it became apparent that there were actually a number of other religions. Then, eventually, it became clear that there were people (like me, it turns out) who do not affiliate with any relgion but still like to sing Christmas carols. OK, I perwsonally do not sing the chrismas carols, but I do EAT THE CHRISTMAS COOKIES and I do give and rieve christmas presents and stuff.

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Personally, I think that with the exception of Bill O'Really's tyrades, the War on Christmas is pretty much a dead issue this year. Christmas has lost so many times in the high courts, the courts of public opinion, and this year, the court of the oppressive economy that it just isn't fun any more. So, with that in mind, I provide a retrospective of my favorite War on Christmas posts from last year:

The Bible-Thumping Grinch who Pissed on Christmas

I am amazed at the giddiness amongst Christian Fundamentalists that has fomented from the mere utterance of a holiday greeting by Richard Dawkins. The counter-insurgents in the War on Christmas ... the Red White and Blue, squeaky-faced smirking shits that call themselves commentators or preachers are creaming in their jeans. But they are also stepping over the line, and I'm calling them on it.... Read the rest here

Richard Dawkins Debunks "Christmas Delusion" in Festive PBS Special

LONDON, ENGLAND- After conquering the fields of nonfiction writing, documentary filmmaking, and talk show appearing, noted atheist Richard Dawkins is taking his first foray into the world of entertainment with "Merry Nothing," a decidedly dour holiday special scheduled to air on PBS this Friday night.

For Dawkins, the program represents quite a radical shift. In his attempt to rid the world of what he calls the "Christmas delusion," the man who has made a name for himself as a writer and formidable debater will have to play the role of enthusiastic host: "Next up, our friends from the ACLU are here to tell us how we can help spread cheer this year by filing suit against local schools and municipal governments who display religious iconography as a part of official holiday decorations. Won't that be fun!"

Dawkins has assembled an all star cast ... read the rest here.

This is a lot better than being called a dumb-ass, in which I explain the true meaning of Christmas. In detail.

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Well, I'm from Washington State, and I can tell you that Bill O'Reilly notwithstanding to the contrary, the "atheist sign"(actually one from the Freedom From Religion Foundation), turned out to be a whole lot of absolutely nothing. The sign got stolen, and a special phone line was set up for those angry callers who wanted to chew Governor Gregoire out for even allowing such a sign to begin with, even though it went up before the tree lighting ceremony. But the sign was found in a ditch and recovered, the tree-lighting ceremony went ahead as planned(it was a "holiday tree"), and a crowd came to watch the ceremony. From the news, I gathered that the crowd couldn't have cared less about the "war on Christmas". They just wanted to have a good time.
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