Ick. The Super Bull

If Arnold was a bovine, he'd look like this.

Now, the lady cows say that they find this disgusting, but all the boy cows don't believe that and are intimidated nonetheless.

But seriously, this looks to me like a mutation that we've known about for some time, and published versions of mice that look like this cow (but with cute little ears and a different tail) are also out there somewhere. Imagine this mutation in a human. Would that be a Neanderthal? Sort of?

Story here.

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"Would that be a Neanderthal? Sort of?"

The Neanderthal equivalent of a cow would be an aurochs, I guess. They were very big and very aggressive with the last one dying in the 17th century (through overhunting). They've tried recreating aurochsen through cross-breeding but it never worked that well.

That's a lotta bull, Greg...!