This is so cool: Brack Obama was born in Kenya!

It turns out that our president is totally African. How cool is that? No wonder he's so much less stupid than the average American (as you know, Westerners tend to be dumbed down quite a bit by their stupid culture).

Well, OK, the second part of what I just said is true, but the first part isn't and, in fact, it isn't really all that funny. The "Birther" phenomenon that just won't seem to go away is a truly insidious, and indeed racist, and stupid.

But what is really scary about this is the following: A majority (just over fifty percent) of Republicans, when confronted with the question: "Do ya'll believe that Barack Hussein Obama was borned in the United States of Amerka?" say either "No way" or "Shit, I dunno, Man."

Fifty percent. Holy crap.

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That might be the poll. I was just watching Rachel Maddow, and she referred to it. I'm made a note to self to post her spot when it comes out tomorrow. It is actually very funny, good theater.

(and her guest makes the point that this is racist)

Yup and it is a birth certificate for a hospital with a wrong name in a city that is identified as in the wrong country in the year he was born. Come on forgers, you can do better. I don't let my students get away with research like that.

By Judith McDaniel (not verified) on 03 Aug 2009 #permalink

It just goes to show, you can expose a Republican to an education but you can't make it learn anything.


By NewEnglandBob (not verified) on 03 Aug 2009 #permalink

That's okay, I don't count Hawaii part of the United States either. It's full of brown people. Hehe, just kidding. Sorry, I thought I was one of them for a moment.

the average American (as you know, Westerners tend to be dumbed down quite a bit by their stupid culture).

Geez, what a bore you can be. I can't find anyone in real life who give a gnat's fart about this stuff. There's so many more interesting and beautiful things in life than wallowing in this piffle. Is it fun? Does it make you feel superior to ridicule mentally retarded people?

Wing: You stepped right in that one! Go clean your shoes now. Oh, and stay tuned.

I don't think the fake birth certificate was meant to be a hoax; I'm pretty sure it was meant to be a joke and the birthers were to dumb to notice. I guess that's a real life example of Poe's law.


Cripes, I called the Birthers mentally retarded. What more clue do you want? I know you were snarking, Greg. My point was that I don't understand is how you can stand to wallow in this stuff day in and day out. Honestly, I cannot find real people outside of blogs who even know about this stuff beyond a page 20 article header. It was a telephone poll. Smart people with lives hang up on telephone pollsters. They are polls of people who care about silly things. I'm amazed the Birther percentage wasn't higher, actually.

Funny how people can take or leave polling data depending on convenience. There actually is a science to this, and polls do accurately predict behavior remarkably well. It simply isn't the case that polls can be dismissed as either a) always wrong, or b) wrong when you don't like the results, or the results expose some uncomfortable fact.

Of course, one does have to look into a given poll and evaluate it.