Creationist Novel linked to Expelled! to be released shortly

The 'documentary' (or, actually, "stupidumentary") Expelled! No intelligence allowed ... bla bla bla ... coordinated with this release will be a novel called Fossil Hunter, by John Olson (obviously a made up name) ... bla bla bla ... which is about a scientist who is maligned and harassed by the rest of the scientific community because she questions evolutionary dogma.

Never mind that. This is a link to a recently released review of a book from last year. You can go comment on the review, if you like!

Here, you read about it, I'm going to take a nap:

When Dr. James leads an expedition into the arid Iraqi desert to find the rest of the ancient whale fossil a shepherd had found, she couldn't know her results would threaten the current theory of evolution, her employment, and prestige, and call her faith into question. She couldn't know that circumstances would bring her adversary and competitor, Dr. Murad, to Iraq when she discovers an ancient human fossil so controversial it puts her entire expedition in danger.

The book is reviewed by The Examiner, here. I warn you: The reviewer is the "Seattle Christian Book Review Examiner, so... well, whatever.

Hat tip Virgil Samms.

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See? They can't even get their dating right!

Thanks to the link to your review.

You're welcome. I started reading it, but didn't get past chapter 1. It really wasn't very good. Maybe I should finish it and publish a real review, though...

Well, it is fiction - finally, a correctly-situated work on Creationism!

I'm about 40% through the book (on a Kindle), and it doesn't seem too bad. It's more or less a "it's OK to accept Evolution if you happen to be a Christian". It has a long quote from "Origin of the Species" saying much the same thing. Of the readers' reviews on, the 5-star reviewers (from their previous reviews) don't appear to be obvious creationists, and the one reader who gave it 2 stars complained that it wasn't a "Christian" novel, just reflecting standard Evolution theory, so I think that is actually a recommendation.

By Wayne Robinson (not verified) on 05 Aug 2009 #permalink

I take it back; it is as bad as it sounds. It was quite readable, and I enjoyed reading it. But it did mangle the science. In the book the jaw of a hominid fossil was found, from which DNA was able to be retrieved and amplified with PCR, and voila! it's almost Homo sapiens in sequence, no more than 100,000 years old, but the rock in which it was found had volcanic rock in it, which could be dated to 3.4MYA. Ergo, evolution is disproved, and ID is as a result by elimination positively confirmed. I personally can't see the reasons for these enormous leaps in logic.

By Wayne Robinson (not verified) on 07 Aug 2009 #permalink