The West Wing Parody

The only TV series I ever watched (sine being a kid) was The West Wing. I didn't watch the West Wing either. But then I met Amanda, and she was into watching the show, so the two of us took in the last year as it happened, then rented the whole thing and eventually saw it all.

The following, courtesy of a friend of mine, is a parody of the show. If you've not seen the West Wing, don't bother, this won't be even remotely funny. If you have seen it, you will find this to be an excellent parody because it is on one hand ridiculous and on the other and an accurate representation right down to the dialog.

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We're watching all 7 seasons on DVD, and are finding it really engaging. I remembered seeing this Mad TV clip a few years ago, but didn't understand any of the references because I'd never seen the show. It's much funnier now that we're almost through season 2.

Glad you enjoyed the spoof too. :-)

I never really got into Madtv, but this was perfect.

By Kitty'sBitch (not verified) on 24 Aug 2009 #permalink

Aaron Sorkin is pretty damn amazing. If you get a chance, "Sports Night" is really great too. And of course, "The American President" is a classic.

BTW: I heard "In the Loop" (still have to see that) described as being "like the Office meets the West Wing but on even more cocaine".

PS: Could you imagine a collaboration between Jos Whedon and Aaron Sorkin? Neither can I, but it would certainly be interesting.

There was at least one Whedonite working on (co-producing?) The West Wing.

Did anyone else have the eerie feeling that the real election went just like the last season of The West Wing ? I mean, we watched it a few month before the election in DVD, and we could hardly believe our eyes to see it happen in real (except Aaron Sorkin was too optimistic on the level of debate the republicans were aiming at, but that is about it).