Tea Party Protest Photo is Much Like Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate


Once again, Republicans have been caught at their own game. You all know there was a big shindig in DC on September 12th to protest the blackness of our president, the liberalosity of our congress, the intelligence of the new policies such as Cash for Clunkers and Saving the Economy's Ass and so on.

Well conservative yahoos have been passing around, blogging, twittering, and jerking off to a photograph showing a ZILLION people at the Washington Mall. Clearly this photograph shows the BIGGEST gathering of Amerkan Cit-sins EVAH overwhelmingly indicating that The People ... ALL the people .. are united against the black guy who PRETENDS to be president. And so on.

But, there's a catch. ...

Well, actually, a few problems. The Yahoo Republicans are putting around the idea that there were over two million people at the Tea Party, and the photograph seems to suggest that. But the DC fire officials estimate that there were perhaps 60 to 75 thousand people.


Then, if you look at the photograh, the National Museum of the American Indian, which was built in 2004, is MISSING!!!

What did Obama do with the Museum!!!!! What is his nefarious plan!!!!!

Also, there are cranes visible in the photograph that appear to be associated with the construction with an IMAX theater in the 1990s.

Now the Republicans are desperately trying to take the photograph back from the internet where they had previously spread it.

Sorry, Republicans. You got a Gennie out of the Bottle situation. Your best bet is to try to distract us with some other idiotic outbreak of yahooism. Oh, and ...

YOU LIE!!!!!

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They were an incredibably messy group. They left their signs all over the city. They were the worst protest signs I've ever seen and many displayed complete breaks from reality. They also were the oldest, whitest group of protesters I've ever seen and I've been living in DC for a decade now.

By katydid13 (not verified) on 14 Sep 2009 #permalink

Some of the blogs seem to be actually going and admitting that this photo wasn't of the protests. However, that really doesn't cut it since this clearly wasn't a little mistake. At some point, someone somewhere had to go and actually take a pre-existing photo from years before and make a conscious decision to circulate it as a protest of the photos.

It looks like once again someone has overcompensated for reality's liberal bias.

Dear katydid13guys,

Get a grip. Would you dare make fun of a bunch of old black people, or old asian people...No, you wouldn't because it's not "cool" or socialy acceptable to make fun of anyone except for white people, and you're a yellow-bellied, ill-informed cry baby. As far as the quality of the signs - it's not freakin' art class, lose!

Nice way to be a HUGE racist and age-ist at the same time. Don't worry, babe. You'll be a old and wrinkled white lady one day too and some snot nosed schmuck like yourself will tell you to drop dead.

I've lived in D.C. for over 10 years and you know who did the most damage year in and year out??? The freakin' hippie/anarchist IMF protesters that shattered windows, hocked spit on police, littered every where, and put on their "Hi, I'm a pissed off white kid with my BMW and a gold spoon in my mouth, going to Georgetown University - but on the weekend the cool thing to do is fight for forgiving 3rd world African dictatorship debt while I smoke weed" protest.

That sounds like more your speed. Might wanna lay off the pipe - you've lost enough brain cells.


1) I don't think I made fun of old white people. That was a description of the crowd. And I didn't tell them to drop dead. I said they were messy. Not the same thing. Not even remotely the same thing.

2) I didn't say the signs weren't pretty I said they were bad. The Hippie/Anarchist IMF signs used words to mean the same thing that everyone else thinks they mean, even if you didn't agree with them. These signs used words in ways that indicate the people using them don't know what they mean. For example, fascists and communists are not the same thing. Taxation without representation does not mean that you don't like your represenatives, it means you don't have any. Unless you live in DC you aren't subject to it. I don't really feel the need to take you seriously if you can't explain what you are concerned about other than some guy on TV told you to be mad.

3) Yes, they were messy. Did I say they were the most destructive? No. The Promise Keepers in that misrepresented photo generated what seemed like less mess and there were a lot more of them. I just happened to be on the Mall that day taking visiting family to the Air and Space Museum.

By katydid13 (not verified) on 14 Sep 2009 #permalink

This was an utterly brilliant move. It seriously juices up the Faithful, once the counter-story gets its boots on it'll already be yesterday's news.

By D. C. Sessions (not verified) on 14 Sep 2009 #permalink

AHAHAHAHAHAH i feel like such an idiot for actually thinking "ok .. maybe there was some misinformation being spread by both sides...."

now i feel like an utter dunce.

By professorx619 (not verified) on 14 Sep 2009 #permalink

A hundred years ago my mother put a mouse trap in the cookie jar. She got me. These days I just split a gut when it happens to someone else.

By Crudely Wrott (not verified) on 14 Sep 2009 #permalink

Maybe the teabaggers can try again, using a photo from the Million Man march of a few years back.
There was some disagreement about crowd size for that one. I recall arguments about numbers based on aerial photos and other evidence.

Mark: My recollection of the million man march was that that was exactly when the Washington DC fire and police departments suddenly made a new policy: "We don't officially count or estimate crowd size."

Does any one else remember that?