Civility? Incivility?

Have a cup of tea and watch this for a little perspective ...

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But Greg I learned from some blogs here that incivility is the only way some people have to express themselves :(

There are already posts and comments appearing on right-wing blogs claiming that the racist and homophobic comments are lies, and claiming that video proves it. I have yet to find one video posted on these blogs that does anything of the sort, but I'd be interested in what video from the scene is available and what it shows.

Right. So what do we do? Unrestrained incivility? Or restrained incivility? But then what is the point, and who decides?

The answer to this will be "We never said there were not consequences bla bla bla."

But what I'm asking, you jew-boy nigger fag-head hysterical bitch, is this: are just any consequences OK? All consequences? And if you give me the wrong answer I will blow your head off. And kill your grand children. I assume that is not a problem, because my right to be uncivil is the ultimate guiding principle, yes?

I don't understand why people don't get this.

Mystyk: Yeah, when it got really bad before the election, there was some back pedaling then too. And the famous moment in Minneapolis when McCain got fed back his own shit about Obama being a Muslim, etc. and had to run for cover.

Any answer I give probably parses down to "incivility is ok if it supports the correct (my) position." so I probably don't have a real answer either.

My observation would be that the tea baggers are attempting to silence people by labeling them as an out group. I'm curious if they're doing it because they truly feel its the only way they make their voice heard or because they're giant asshats (or both). I often wonder the same thing at the behavior of some terrorists (there I go with labels) and maybe even some bloggers here :p Not you though, please don't shoot me! I promise!!

Oh, the teabaggers - what would we do without such patriotism? Surely we'd be a commie state by now if not for them. Any chance we can export the stupid to the northern tundra of Alaska - you know, give the polar bears more food so they don't go out on the ice floes and drown from global warming?

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