"I shall be the first to join your second expedition!"

Such are the words uttered by a young physical anthropologist in response to Sir Edmund Hillary's request that he join the search for Yeti on the fridgid snow clad slopes of Mount Everest.

Or so I'm told.

Although I've hardly ever blogged about it, I am keenly interested in the topic of cryptozoology which, to me, has two distinct aspects: 1) The scientific, realistic search for previously unknown organisms and 2) the study of OTHER people who are busy in the unscientific, fantasy-riddled "search" (read, often, faking) of so called unknown non-existent organisms.

But who cares what I think. You need to tune in to this evening's episode of Skeptically Speaking to hear commentary by Blake Smith and Karen Stollznow, of MonsterTalk. Details here. Be there, don't be square.


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i want to dress up in a crocoduck costume and have someone take crappy super 8 footage of me and release it on teh intertubes. having established the reality of the crocoduck, i can then write a book about how the crocoduck is here to enable our quantum entanglement with the infinite intelligence of the universe to get you laid and go on oprah and make millions.

Go for it Rob! I don't know if you can still get film for the Super-8, but I think I know a few people who might actually still have a working camera ...

By MadScientist (not verified) on 07 May 2010 #permalink