Paper Artists: Sabrina Meyns


Long pin (detail)
Hand-made paper with cast silver seed inclusions and fine silver.
Sabrina Meyns

Irish artist Sabrina Meyns makes jewelry out of paper and silver. This piece may be less durable than your typical jewelry, but it's certainly more robust than the fragile poppies it mimics, and the translucency and delicacy is breathtaking. Unfortunately, her site only has a few examples of her work, but hopefully we'll see more of her in the future.

Via Daily Art Muse

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Looks like a jellyfish to me, actually-- I suppose the fragile medium is as appropriate for jellies as for flowers.

I really love paper/fiber art, something of a holdover from my last relationship - my partner was huge on book arts and papermaking was a big part of that.

I am trying to remember the name of an artist in Portland (total fraggin hippie:) who makes paper art out of paper made from the various bits that animals leave behind. Hair, excrement, cud and her especial fav, owl vomit - for the bones...