Adam .... call me #SbSTRIKE


... or something. I'll be here, on strike.

There appears to be a bit of a work action on, and it appears that I'm going along with it. I'm doing this to make one point, and only one point.

Before I make that point I want to make a few other comments.

1) Although I agree with many of the complaints of many of my colleagues regarding the Scienceblogs administrative responsiveness, especially when it comes to technical issues, I appear to be happier than the average Sbling in that I don't seem to be foaming at the mouth. I'm just ... interested in seeing things work better.

2) I have mixed feelings about remaining as a blogger, but those mixed feelings to not come from a lack of potential shared vision with Adam Bly and others, and a tad more than fifty percent of my dissatisfaction comes from my pointyheaded colleagues and the rest from SMG and the blogging platform.

3) So, while I could be lured away from with a reasonable offer, I also think that our problems are quite fixable, and I have already made a commitment to work in certain areas to help make those fixes happen.

The point: Simply this. To demonstrate that the big money (PZ) has smaller monkey friends, and that what we decide to do as a group matters, even if the group is poorly organized and consists of only one person who matters from a dollars and cents point of view. (The truth is, folks, that there is exactly one successful blog on, and you're not reading it right now. It's here.)

I feel fairly badly about this. You can help me feel better by visiting my old blog and letting me know you care. Or, just ignore me and let me die on the vine. As you wish. Anyway, if you want to comment, you'll have to do it there.

(How's THAT for a little passive aggressive Minnesotan talk!)

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