The Miller-Morris Debate: Final Segment

Ken Miller and Henry Morris answer questions from the audience.

Since these videos are scattered across the blog, I'll put them all here. The final one is at the bottom.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Thanks to the NCSE

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The dumbassitude of creationists just doesn't uh, evolve much at all, does it.

Cute how glibly Morris obfuscated the dates of many of his sciencey references as if they were current or mainstream science.

Have the cdesign proponentists really added anything beyond flaky notions about 'Infomation' in the last 30 years?

ugh... you can basically ignore the first video. It's all the same creo-gibberish that you would expect.

About to start the third. The creationist is really tiring in the first video....maybe he'll improve....

Just out of curiosity, has Ken Miller ever explained how he has remained a Roman Catholic? I'd be interested in his justification.

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