Emerging Disease and Zoonoses series

Part One: Introduction to Emerging Diseases and Zoonoses

Part Two: Introduction to Emerging Diseases and Zoonoses continued

Part Three: Bushmeat

Part Four: War and Disease

Part Five: Chikungunya

Part Six: Avian influenza

Part Seven: Reporting on emerging diseases

Part Eight: Disease and Domesticated Animals

Part Nine: The Emergence of Nipah Virus

Part Ten: Monkeypox

Part Eleven: Streptococcus suis

Part Twelve: Salmonella and fish

Part Thirteen: new swine influenza virus detected

Part Fourteen: dog flu strikes Wyoming.

Part Fifteen: Clostridium species.

Part Sixteen: The origins of HIV.

Part Seventeen: "Mad cow," kuru, and prion incubation periods.

Part Eighteen: spread of H5N1 in Nigeria.

Part Nineteen: bats and emerging viruses.

Part Twenty: subclinical infections with avian influenza.

Part Twenty-one: West Nile virus outbreak...in Idaho squirrels?

Part Twenty-two: Popeye never warned you about this.

Part Twenty-three: Pets ain't all they're cracked up to be.

Part Twenty-four: Rift Valley Fever outbreak in Kenya.

Part Twenty-five: Rift Valley Fever update

Part Twenty-six: Chimps at risk of acquiring antibiotic-resistant infections

Part Twenty-seven: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Part Twenty-eight: Introduction to Marburg virus

Part Twenty-nine: Marburg virus: has the elusive reservoir species been found?

Part Thirty: swine flu in Ohio fairgoers?

Part Thirty-One: Newly discovered Ebola viruses: filling gaps in viral ecology

Part Thirty-Two: Chikungunya--in India, Italy, and Iowa

Part Thirty-Three: MRSA and swine: collision course

Part Thirty-Four: How far does religious freedom extend when it conflicts with public health?

Part Thirty-Five: What's it like to work an Ebola outbreak?

Part Thirty-Six: Influenza meta-update: H5N1 spreading, new swine influenza virus found

Part Thirty-Seven: Where did syphilis come from?

Part Thirty-Eight: "One medicine, one health"

Part Thirty-Nine: What's Google got to do with emerging disease?

Part Forty: Marburg hits Europe once again.

Part Forty-One: New Ebola subtype confirmed.

Part Forty-Two: Ebola in pigs!

Part Forty-Three: MRSA in US Swine

Part Forty-Four: Swine flu--a quick overview

Part Forty-Five: Swine flu and deaths in healthy adults--cytokine storm?

Part Forty-Six: Swine flu: 20 US cases now identified

Part Forty-Seven: Swine flu update: Europe and the bottom of the world

Part Forty-Eight: Swine flu--still spreading

Part Forty-Nine: Swine flu: Central & South America, Asia, New York update

Part Fifty: US up to 91 swine flu cases, including 1 death [Updated: New England confirmed cases]

Part Fifty-One: What does the WHO's pandemic scale mean? And why is anyone worried about this?

Part Fifty-Two: Why I'll be getting my kids their flu vaccines

Part Fifty-Three: MRSA and pets--should they get tested?

Part Fifty-Four: Staphylococcus aureus ST398 in a childcare worker

Part Fifty-Five: Staph in food--what does it mean?

Part Fifty-Six: MRSA and bedbugs--not so fast

Part Fifty-Seven: MRSA, Meat, and Motown

Part Fifty-Eight: Ebola in Uganda: current and past outbreaks

Part Fifty-Nine: Pigs with Ebola Zaire: a whole new can o' worms

Part Sixty: When is MRSA not MRSA?

Part Sixty-One: E. coli O104:H4 in Europe--is it new?

Part Sixty-Two: E. coli update: sprouts as the culprit?

Part Sixty-Three: MRSA found in Iowa meat

Part Sixty-Four: Does bestiality increase your risk of penile cancer?

Part Sixty-Five: Castrating sheep with teeth--not a good idea (with video!)

Part Sixty-Six: MRSA in pork products--does the "antibiotic-free" label make a difference?

Part Sixty-Seven: The human origins of "pig" Staph ST398

Part Sixty-Eight: Influenza in bats

Part Sixty-Nine: The Emergence of Nodding Disease

Part Seventy: Poultry feather meal as a source of antibiotics in feed

Part Seventy-One: Ebola resurfaces in Uganda

Part Seventy-Two: Ebola: Back in the DRC

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