Yesssss!!!!! .... This is what you have been preparing for all this time.

You know the classics ...

"Evolutionists do it with increasing complexity"


"Honk! If you understand punctuated equilibria"

These are the National Center for Science Education Bumper Stickers so far. The NCSE is not replacing them, but they would like to augment them. And you can help.

Just think up a bumper sticker and click here to send it as an email to the NCSE.

There are some rules. But who cares about roolz!!! Just come up with a great bumper sticker and suffer whatever consequences arise as a result of your foolishness!

Or, check out the rules:

  • Be original. Run a Google search and make sure your slogan hasn't been used or overused.
  • Size constraints. Your basic bumper sticker is about 2.75" high and about 15" wide. That's enough room for up to two lines of text, approximately 22 characters across (including spaces) per line. Remember: shorter is better.
  • Submit as many bumper sticker slogans as you like. Winning slogans become the property of NCSE for all time. By emailing your entry to bumpersticker@ncse.com, you warrant that the slogan is your own work, to which you own the copyright, except for any phrases that fall within the scope of fair use, the public domain, or a Creative Commons license.
  • Entries must include your full name and postal address.
  • Winners will receive one of these prizes: 1) a bumper fun variety pack of evolution books, 2) NCSE's famed "ooze" T-shirt, 3) a Darwin bobblehead, 4) the 2009 UK Charles Darwin £2 Brilliant Uncirculated 200th Anniversary Coin, 5) a copy of Greta Schiller's new documentary, "No Dinosaurs in Heaven", OR 6) an 11x16" Darwin poster suitable for framing.
  • Submissions will be accepted between July 5, 2011 and September 5, 2011

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Too bad on the size format, I always wanted a picture of a T-rex eating a stylized fish and the words "My facts ate your fiction".

Mu -- I always wanted (except for my general abhorrence of sticking things onto the outside of my car where they're a PITA to remove later) a Christian fish and a Darwin fish, kissing. Then I saw a battered old compact with exactly that on it. :-D Love it.

The only thing that comes to my mind at the moment is probably too long:

"I climbed out of the ocean, and all I got was this lousy pair of genes."

By Calli Arcale (not verified) on 05 Jul 2011 #permalink

I ⥠Primordial Ooze.

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 05 Jul 2011 #permalink

I think we have a great start here. The only one I cam up with so far I sent to NCSE and they told me to go back to the drawing board!!! I'd tell you what it was but I can't repeat it in a public place. It's about creationists, though.


"I left the ocean‐& got only genes"

[soup pot] I ♥ Primoridal Soup

[image] I ♥ Pterosaurs

[image] I ♥ Carcharodon

[image] I ♥ Natural Selection

"DarWIN CreoID propoentists creobots FAIL"

Maybe? ;-)

Or has that been done?

Here are a few suggestions of mine, some better than others:

[ Evolution is the educated. ]
[ Creationism is for cretins. ]

#2, with a Spock face next to a DNA helix:
[ It's the origin of life, ]
[ Jim, now that we know it. ]

[ Pi equals 3 and bats are birds. ]
[ (So say the bible, anyway....) ]

[ There is no place for ]
[ theocracy in a theory. ]

[ The superstitious are supercilious. ]

[ Creationism is Lysenkoism ]

[ Science searches for real solutions. ]
[ Religion searches for final solutions. ]


Whoops, forgot two more:

[ If the Earth is only 6000 years old, ]
[ why do fossil fuels power your car? ]

[ YECs are Fossil Fools ]

Some bumper sticker - pro-science ssuggestions: -

Sciences not Seances

ergo not ego

Ask More Questions

For facts sake: Think!

Evolution : Putting the WIN in Darwin!
(A variation on my first attempt)

All of us sprang from monkeys - creationists just didn't spring far enough!

Yes, we've evolved - Evolutionary theory gets fitter every day.

@suzan | July 8, 2011 1:18 AM : I like those esp. the "For facts sake" one!

Suggested variants : 'For facts sake : Its evolution!' or 'For facts sake - Evolution has 'em, Creation ain't' or 'For facts sake : Evolutuion rules' and suchlike.

@P Smith | July 7, 2011 8:34 AM :

Science searches for real solutions. Religion searches for final solutions.

Nice lines with some truth to them but I'm afraid they fail to pass Godwin's law.

"Putting the 'win' in Darwin since 3,500.000,000 B.C."

[image] (See the link or google it)

(The image is by me, is under a creative commons copyleft license, and currently appears on T-shirts, coffee mugs, and at least two tattoos.)

Sorry this entry is two months late. I didn't see your contest 'til now!