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I've updated the Skeptical Search Engine (on the left side bar of this site, as well as below in this blog post) to include more sites dealing with climate change.



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Use the following search box to find information from primarily "skeptical" blogs. I'm currently in the process of adding sites, but you should find it useful as it is. I've also placed the Skeptical Search box in the left sidebar for your easy access.
There are new fires at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plants. There was a fire on the roof of Reactor Unit 3. It burned for several hours causing workers to pull out of the area to have radiation levels tested. The radiatoi levels did not, however, change. About 6:00 PM local time fire went…
The ABC News web site has a remarkable set of images that use javascript and your mouse cursor to compare before and after. Here. Hat Tip: Joe For more information and essays about the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor problems in Japan CLICK HERE.
If you are annoyed with Michele Bachmann's racism and anti-gayism please donate to a candidate that opposes her. She is using the video you watched to raise money. Good idea. Do spread this video around, please. Below the fold: Michele Bachmann's gay step sister and her friend in DC…

"Skepticism" ha. "Skepticism" isn't skeptical, it's an ideological propaganda effort that rejects real questioning of their chosen orthodoxy, as seen in the weekend's argument. Organized "skepticism" is a baloney shop masquerading as skepticism.

Anthony, I am skeptical of your claims. Skepticism is an ideological propaganda that inherently demands questioning every orthodoxy.

Anthony, comments can be a useful addition to what is said in the post, at times, a way to note a problem with the post. But on most of the blogs I have read comments frequently turn abusive, a way to promote lies, bigotry and often devolve into a mechanism to enforce conformity of thought and expression to the agenda of one or several commentators. I will not nurture that kind of comment thread.

It's no longer in the sidebar. Is it possible to get a public url for the actual search engine, so that I can embed it in a blog?

Great work, btw.

By Chris Watkins (not verified) on 27 Aug 2013 #permalink