Svante Paabo: DNA clues to our inner neanderthal

Sharing the results of a massive, worldwide study, geneticist Svante Pääbo shows the DNA proof that early humans mated with Neanderthals after we moved out of Africa. (Yes, many of us have Neanderthal DNA.) He also shows how a tiny bone from a baby finger was enough to identify a whole new humanoid species.

Humanoid? Whatever....

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I don't know if we should believe Svante Pääbo anymore, but his lab has some new findings re: Neandertal mtDNA: Neanderthals in central Asia and Siberia Nature advance online publication 30 September 2007. doi:10.1038/nature06193 Authors: Johannes Krause, Ludovic Orlando, David Serre, Bence…
In a stunning finding, scientists found evidence in northern Spain of cannibalism by Neanderthals. Some 1,800 bone fragments were used for DNA analysis to support their hypothesis. According to The New York Times report, Spanish scientists who analyzed the bones and DNA report the gruesome…
Today, a new paper published in Nature adds another chapter to the story of FOXP2, a gene with important roles in speech and language. The FOXP2 story is a fascinating tale that I covered in New Scientist last year. It's one of the pieces I'm proudest of so I'm reprinting it here with kind…
Map of newly extended certainty of Eurasian Neanderthal range. From Nature It has for some time been difficult to assess the eastern limit of classic "Neanderthals." Some have claimed that Neanderthals were limited to western Asia, others that they extended across much of Asia. The fossil remains…

Dienekes remains skeptical about "mating":

I've been quite skeptical of the interpretation of the published Neandertal genome as evidence for Neandertal admixture in Eurasians. Of course, such admixture is a possibility, but I remain unconvinced that the Neandertal admixture thesis has managed to shoulder out other interpretations.

Personally, I lack the information to make an informed guess about the relative probabilities (although I'm skeptical about some of Dienekes' other ideas). Other interpretations are certainly plausible, however.

So was it the Denisovans or the Neanderthals that were all rapists? Maybe we can find the rape switch in their DNA...

Or maybe we can find an "aggressive sexual impulse" switch in ALL DNA? It's so complex..…

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